Benefits of the “All Inclusive” Package

The Fiorita Passive House apartments are available for rent in the short/medium/long term (from 1 week to the classic 3 years + 2 years contract) with the “All Inclusive” package, which includes rent and many services that in traditional contracts are to be paid separately.
This package has been designed to simplify the rental paperwork and to allow the tenant to pay a single comprehensive fee, instead of many small payments that make it difficult to control the total expense.
Usually a tenant has to pay 50% of the cost of rent contract registration, stipulate the contracts for the utilities, pay the bills every two months, pay for the maintenance of the various equipments (e.g. the boiler), and then terminate all these contracts at the end of the rental.
With a single fee, instead, there is no worry of unexpected costs and no duty to make many payments at different due dates.
All of this at a cost in line with the market, but for a new building of superior quality and with very low environmental impact.

The “all inclusive” package includes:
  • Rental costs
  • Condominium fees
  • Water and electricity bills(1)
  • Heating / cooling
  • Planned and extraordinary maintenance for systems and appliances
  • Cleaning and periodic replacement of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery filters
  • Home taxes and charges (e.g. IMU-TASI-TARI)
  • RAI television fee
  • Contract stipulation and handling costs (stamp duty and registration fee)
  • Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Condo insurance and RCT for residents
  • No Istat increase for the whole contract duration
  • Mandatory suretyship costs, which replaces the security deposit
  • Common areas cleaning
(1) The cost of utilities (water and electricity) are included in the “All inclusive” package within thresholds based on national average consumption, to prevent environmental harm caused by waste of resources.

The following table summarizes the costs of a “traditional” rental, that can be compared with the prices of the “All Inclusive” package found by clicking here.
The features and amenities of the apartments are available here.

The costs of a traditional rental

Studio apartment with 1 person (€/year) Two-room apartment with 2 people (€/year)
Rent(1) (2) 5.160,00 6.324,00
Condominium fee(3) 204,00 204,00
Stamp duties for contract registration and for monthly payment receipts(4) 40,00 40,00
Contract registration tax(5) 51,60 63,24
Electricity bill(6) 300,00 550,00
Gas bill(7) 430,00 650,00
Water bill(8) 170,00 340,00
High-speed Internet(9) 300,00 300,00
Rai TV license fee 113,50 113,50
Boiler maintenance(10) 80,00 80,00
TASI/TARI (municipality taxes on public services and solid waste)(11) (12) 12,00 20,00
Total per month 570,75 722,06

(1) Average rent for a studio apartment in Cesena (FC), calculated over 11 apartments from 30 to 40 square meters, in the city center, in September 2014. Source
(2) Average rent for a two-room apartment in Cesena (FC), calculated over 59 apartments from 40 to 65 square meters, in the city center, in September 2014. Source
(3) Average fee in Cesena (FC), calculated over 16 apartments (both studio and two-room) from 30 to 65 square meters, in the city center, in September 2014. Source
(4) The stamp duty (€ 16.00 for 2 copies) for the contract registration is usually paid entirely by the tenant. The stamp duty (€ 2.00) for the monthly payment receipts is, in accordance with the current regulations, also paid by the tenant.
(5) The contract registration tax is usually split 50/50 between the tenant and the landlord. The table reports only the 50% charged to the tenant.
(6) Transfer registration cost (30 €) + 6 bimonthly bills with a monthly energy consumption of 150 kWh per person, at the resident rate. Source
(7) Transfer registration cost (30 €) + 6 bimonthly bills with a monthly gas consumption of 40 cubic meters per person (heating calculated for a 30 square meters studio apartment of energy class D: 330 cubic meters per year). Source
(8) Transfer registration cost (50 €) + 6 bimonthly bills with a monthly water consumption of 5 cubic meters per person.
(9) Wind-Infostrada/Teletu subscription, most economical offers in September 2014.
(10) Boiler routine maintenance is charged to the tenant. Average cost of boiler maintenance in Cesena (FC).
(11) TASI/TARI taxes charged to the tenant, at the resident rate, 1 occupant.
(12) TASI/TARI taxes charged to the tenant, at the resident rate, 2 occupant.