Fiorita Passive House is the beacon project of the PassREg european project for the Municipality of Cesena (Italy).

PassREg, a project funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, is based on European regions and municipalities that want to build or renovate buildings on the model of Passive House (houses zero emissions and zero consumption), each of which is in different stages of the process. Those regions who have already implemented efficient and successful strategies will serve as front-runners, whose models will be analyzed and optimized.

By the end of the project, a useful set of strategies will be developed, able to foster the creation and the large-scale optimization of more Passive House’s Regions, all over Europe. These strategies will be available through an international platform, so to form new skills and resources in both public and private sectors throughout Europe. Familiarity with and knowledge of existing Passive House regions, will create new demand, stimulating the creation of additional Passive House’s Regions and the development of corresponding markets.

  • Understanding mechanisms and structures behind regional Passive House front-runners’ areas and cities
  • Improving visibility of Passive House front-runners’ regions, sharing experiences to develop awareness and familiarity in political decision making and, consequently, to create demand, triggering the adoption of the Passive House’s concept.
  • Help regions and city partners to apply these innovations, creating their own models, stimulating them both in becoming front-runners and optimizing existing models.
  • Build a set of solutions and strategies to realize passive buildings throughout Europe, including:
    • Funding schemes
    • Consultive models
    • Incentives for industries’ commitment
    • Information packs for decision makers
    • Information packs for public and private house-buiders patterns of contracts
    • Patterns of integrated design
    • Tools for financial analysis
Municipality of Cesena – PassREg project (in Italian)
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